艰难的求学路 A Difficult Road to School





A Difficult Road to School


 Frontline Social Worker Lin Wenjin


“Currently, what worries me the most are the complications with his education at the moment…”  says Xiaohai’s (pseudonym) grandfather.


 Xiaohai, an 8-year-old boy, is living with his 70-year-old grandfather and grandmother in an urban village in Nanning. He studied at a nearby private school with a tuition that's over 2000 yuan per semester. His father suffers from the after effects of meningitis leading to cognitive difficulties. He can only support himself by doing various odd jobs. Xiaohai's mother left them in September of 2017 and has not been heard from since. 

After learning about Xiaohai’s family situation, Spring of Heart decided to provide financial aid for Xiaohai and invite him to take part in extracurricular courses.


Xiaohai’s grandfather successfully applied for governmental public rental housing back in November 2017. Although their living conditions have improved, there are still setbacks they face. There isn't a private school near their new home and public school isn't possible because Xiaohai is not registered in that school area and cannot fulfill the “Six Certificates” exemption that would have allowed him to attend that school. Therefore, he can’t transfer to the nearby primary school by the start of the school year.Xiaohai’s education has been the families’ biggest concern and worry.